A seminar for and from TMC trainees interested in skeletal biology and medicine

Photo credit: F. Elefteriou


  • Promote, through the trainees, collaborative and multidisciplinary work between BDPT laboratories and institutions
  • Raise awareness of research topics, expertise and tools used across BDPT laboratories
  • Integrate new trainees and junior investigators to the BDPT bone community

When: once a month on Friday, 11:30 to 12:30

  • If you wish to be added to the distribution list, please email florente@bcm.edu
  • Please register for attendance and lunch below
  • Check out the SCHEDULE.
  • Access the T-Bone chat and docs on Teams (for T-Bone members only).
  • Free lunch for attendees!

Where: BCM, ABBR building, 7th floor meeting room.

Recorded Educational Talks you can watch again (Please contact Dr. Elefteriou to obtain a link to the presentation):

  • The art of poster presentation (Dr. L. Wang)
  • Assessment of bone properties (Dr. C. Ambrose)
  • MicroCT Imaging (B. Dawson)
  • Refresher on statistical tests for bone heads (Dr. S. Chen)
  • Fellowship/grant writing (Dr. F. Elefteriou)
  • Communication workshop (Dr. J. Suh)
  • Evaluation of bone quality using noninvasive Raman spectroscopy (Dr. X. Bi)
  • Bone Histomorphometry for members of the Bone Disease Program (Leah Guerra)
  • Reproducibility for everyone – strategies to maximize your work’s impact (Dr. N. Haelterman)
  • Biomaterials science in orthopedics: from in vitro model to surgical applications (Dr. F. Taraballi)