A seminar from and for TMC trainees in bone biology and medicine

Photo credit: F. Elefteriou

When: once a month on Friday, 11:30 to 12:30

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Location: BCM, ABBR building, 7th floor meeting room.

Registration for the 2024 Retreat Career Development Workshop (4/19/24, 11 am):


Transition to a position in academic research


T. Alliston (UCSF)

K. Karner (UTSW)

T. Kean (U. of Florida)

D. Napierala (U. of Pittsburg)

E. Shipani (U. of Pennsylvania)

T. Yang (Van Andel Institute)

Recorded Educational Talks you can watch again (Please contact Dr. Elefteriou to obtain a link to the presentation):

  • The art of poster presentation (Dr. L. Wang)
  • Assessment of bone properties (Dr. C. Ambrose)
  • MicroCT Imaging (B. Dawson)
  • Refresher on statistical tests for bone heads (Dr. S. Chen)
  • Fellowship/grant writing (Dr. F. Elefteriou)
  • Communication workshop (Dr. J. Suh)
  • Evaluation of bone quality using noninvasive Raman spectroscopy (Dr. X. Bi)
  • Bone Histomorphometry for members of the Bone Disease Program (Leah Guerra)
  • Reproducibility for everyone – strategies to maximize your work’s impact (Dr. N. Haelterman)
  • Biomaterials science in orthopedics: from in vitro model to surgical applications (Dr. F. Taraballi)