Catherine Ambrose, PhD
Focus: Mechanical strength of musculoskeletal materials, bone quality assessment methods
Walid D Fakhouri, PhD
Focus: Genetics of Craniofacial Bone Disorders and Computational Modeling of Non-coding DNA Variations
Mary C. (Cindy) Farach-Carson, PhD
Focus: Tissue engineering, ECM and cancer biology; complex 3D systems for cell and microtissue culture of both normal and cancerous tissues
Jacqui Hecht, PhD
Focus: Gene discovery nonsyndromic cleft lip/palate, chondrocyte biology, pseudoachondroplasia natural history
Junichi Iwata, DDS, PhD
Focus: Craniofacial development; membrane trafficking; autophagy
Kurtis Kasper, PhD
Focus: Application of the fundamentals of engineering, materials science, and biosciences toward the development and evaluation of biomaterial-based technologies to meet clinical needs
Yoshihiro Komatsu, PhD 
Focus: Craniofacial bone development and heterotopic ossification
Noriaki Ono, DDS, PhD
Focus: Skeletal stem cells in bone development, diseases, and regeneration
Wanida Ono, DDS, PhD, DMSc
Focus: Tooth development and tooth eruption mechanisms
Karen Posey, PhD
Focus: Cartilage disease mechanisms and treatments involving ER stress, inflammation, oxidative stress, and autophagy blockade
Nahid Rianon, MD
Focus: Geriatric science
Xiangli Yang, PhD
Focus: Transcriptional regulation of skeletal development and fracture repair
Simon Young, DDS, MD, PhD
Focus: Biomaterials-based strategies for maxillofacial tissue engineering and head and neck cancer immunotherapy
Jun Wang, PhD
Focus: Cardiovascular Sciences/Cell and Developmental Biology/Molecular Biology and Genetics/Human Disease